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National Housing and Homelessness Agreement

State and territory governments have primary responsibility for delivery of housing and homelessness services. However, the Commonwealth provides funding to support service delivery, including: 

  • National Housing and Homelessness Agreement (NHHA) provides funds to states and territories to improve Australians’ access to secure and affordable housing. 

Under the NHHA, state and territory governments are responsible for: 

  • Service funding priorities, including the type and locations of services to be delivered.  
  • Social and community housing, including the building, allocation and refurbishment of dwellings. 

The Commonwealth and the states and territories agreed a 12 month extension of the the NHHA to 30 June 2024. This provides further time to work with states and key stakeholders to implement the Government’s housing agenda and work towards new arrangements.   

Further information on the NHHA is available at the Council on Federal Financial Relations website.