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Capability means that people, communities and organisations are able to make good decisions about issues that affect them. It means communities are able to introduce and take the lead to reform  issues that affect them and their organisations to build capability  to deliver quality services to their clients.

We fund programmes to help build capability and leadership of Indigenous people and organisations to maintain their culture, participate in the economic and social life of the nation. These programmes include:  

  • Supporting Indigenous organisations and businesses to properly deliver services.

  • Supporting programs that build leadership skills.

  • Supporting activities that build life skills

  • Helping Indigenous people access healing and cultural re-engagement activities.

  • Providing language interpreter services.

  • Providing ways to help overcome problems in the community caused by trauma.

We are strengthening Indigenous organisations funded under the IAS by helping them to improve the way they are run. Through legislation, we make sure organisations have high standards of governance and accountability.

For more information, please visit the Incorporation requirements page.