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Tailored Assistance Employment Grants


Tailored Assistance Employment Grant (TAEG) funding opportunities have closed. 

The TAEG program has been extended to 31 December 2024 for current TAEG activities to support service continuity for First Nations jobseekers while the Indigenous Skills Employment Program (ISEP) is being rolled out. 

Further information in relation to the extension of current TAEG activities, please email   

For more information about the new place-based Indigenous Skills and Employment Program please visit Indigenous Skills and Employment Program (ISEP)

Tailored Assistance Employment Grants (TAEG) aim to increase Indigenous employment and retention by funding tailored activities that respond flexibly to local employment conditions. It includes two activity streams that target specific cohorts of the Indigenous population: 

  • Employment – aims to support Indigenous job seekers into sustainable employment. This stream supports Indigenous job seekers with a guaranteed job; provision of  pre-employment support and training to address barriers to employment, plus post-placement mentoring to improve retention in the workplace; and 
  • School-based traineeships – aims to support Indigenous secondary school students to gain work experience and prepare for post-school transition into further study or employment. 

The TAEG grants are geared towards payment on outcomes, with funding weighted towards longer-term employment outcomes. The provider/employer work with NIAA’s Regional Offices to agree payment structure once funding is approved by NIAA. 

TAEG funding can include mentoring and training activities that lead to better employment outcomes. 

Expected outcomes

EmploymentIndigenous job seekers

Increased employment and retention rates in the nominated region or location;

Increased work readiness;

Increased certified and transferrable qualifications.

Indigenous job seeker secures sustainable employment (job);

Indigenous job seeker and employer supported during their employment for 26 weeks (or as alternatively agreed by the Agency);

School-based traineeshipsIndigenous secondary school students

Increased successful transition of secondary students into ongoing employment;

Increased work readiness;

Increased certified and transferrable qualifications