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Tuesday, 04 Jan 2022
Girls Academy Program: Summary Report

Girls Academy Program: Summary Report

Publication abstract:

This report summarises the findings of an independent evaluation of the Role Models and Leaders Australia (RMLA) Girls Academy, a program designed to overcome barriers to education for Aboriginal girls. The evaluation was undertaken by Lirata Consulting between September 2018 and September 2019.

The evaluation draws on data collected via a mixed methodology encompassing surveys, interviews, focus groups/conversation circles, analysis of monitoring data and site visits. The analysis examines the Girls Academy Program across a number of dimensions including relevance, effectiveness, impact, efficiency, sustainability, barriers and enablers, and governance and management, whilst also providing recommendations for the ongoing success and improvement of the program.

The full Final Report of the evaluation was completed in February 2020. This Summary Report outlines key findings from the full report, and also contains the literature review prepared as part of the evaluation.

Girls Academy Program Evaluation Summary Report PDF 973.04 KB
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