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Tuesday, 28 Mar 2023
Our Agency Values

Our Agency Values

Publication abstract:

Our Shared Values and Behaviours

Our shared values and behaviours underpin how we work. To achieve our vision, to make a significant contribution to an Australia that respects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and peoples with fairness in economic and social participation, we must be a united team with a culture that positions us with the right capability, passion and pride to make a difference. The impact of these values and behaviours go beyond internal work practices. As we each live out these values and behaviours within the workplace, they inform the way we do our business with each other and our partners and other stakeholders.

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Our shared values and behaviours apply to all of us — leaders and team members.

We respect multiple perspectives.

We seek, value and embed multiple views in everything we do.

We are professional and act with integrity.

We are bold and make decisions backed by evidence.

We invest in each other’s success.

We ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to shine.

We are authentic.

We are honest, share the right information, and are brave in giving feedback.

We deliver with purpose.

We are focused on delivering the Government’s agenda to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.