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Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Programme

Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Programme (AACAP) 

AACAP is a joint initiative of the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) and Australian Army. Its objective is to:  

  • improve the environmental health and living conditions of Indigenous Australians 
  • contribute to the National Agreement on Closing the Gap.   

Each year the AACAP works with a remote community on: 

  • construction – improving infrastructure and facilities 
  • health – supplementing local providers and improve access 
  • training – empowering community members and improving employability 
  • community engagement – two-way learning and improving benefits  
  • deployment and force projection – supporting Army objectives. 

These activities greatly improve the health and living standards in the community. 

In 2022 AACAP marked its {HYPERLINK Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Program (AACAP) 25th Anniversary Ceremony address | Australian Army } 25th Anniversary. Celebrations were held on 14 October 2022 in Gapuwiyak, NT, a previous AACAP recipient.