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Diversity and inclusion

The National Indigenous Australians Agency's (NIAA) diverse and inclusive workplace is one of our strengths and we encourage applications from people with a variety of experiences and backgrounds.

Bringing different backgrounds and perspectives to the table strengthens our advice and solutions, and helps us create productive relationships.

We want everyone to feel valued, safe and included.

Group of NIAA staff standing and seated at a table.

We have six active staff-run diversity networks which provide support and connections to members.

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Network - A national network for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees in the NIAA.
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Network - Provides a forum to promote the benefits of diversity and the value staff from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds bring to the NIAA, and the APS more broadly.
  • Disability Network - A staff group with the purpose of supporting individuals who identify as living with disability and those with carer responsibilities.
  • Pride Network - Promotes an inclusive workplace for LGBTI+ people. LGBTI+ plus refers to gender and sexuality diverse people. This includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.
  • Wellbeing Network - To champion the integration of wellbeing principles and practices, ensuring staff are supported to manage their wellbeing and mental health.
  • Women's Network - Promotes gender equality and supports members to succeed in their personal and professional lives.