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Employment and economic development


Employment is critical to the health and prosperity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. For all Australians, employment offers social and economic benefits that flow to individuals, families, communities and the economy as a whole.

We deliver employment services in remote Australia under the Community Development Program (CDP). We also deliver a series of targeted, Indigenous-specific employment programs that are designed to address gaps in mainstream services across Australia.

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Economic development

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples make invaluable contributions to Australia: our places, communities and economy.

We work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to grow the demand for Indigenous businesses, products and services. We continue to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs and communities to take advantage of commercial opportunities to start and expand businesses, including through leveraging land assets and cultural knowledge.

This supports equity of access to market opportunities and improves financial security for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities.

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